Strategic Marketing

What needs to be done?

This is the key question that drives the marketing process.

We are used to sharing with the Company/Customer the need for certainty which is underlying any correct choice. This is why we begin by analysing the market environment and the subjects and forces operating in that environment (present customers and prospects, partners, employees and sales force, stakeholders and communications tools of the industry).

Essential Concepts:
Knowledge is the basis for every sound action.
Planning is a crucial tool for success.

The key points

Market analysis and mapping of the competition
Quantitative and qualitative market research
Positioning of the company and its products (brand architecture)
Strategic marketing plan


Image Coordination
Direct Marketing
Planning and procurement

Operational Marketing

How to do it?

This the second question we ask ourselves.

Here our experience leads us to quickly choose the best solution for any problem: the four levers of marketing are our tools of the trade. And by doing so we make our contribution to the definition of the product/service and for identifying a market price that is perceived as correct by the consumer and that can fulfil the need of the Company to make profit.

EAnd then the distribution and promotion, which make up the arena where we daily measure ourselves with market and competition. Here creativity – being one of our key strengths – finds a way to express itself better and on a larger scale.


Incentive Programme (contest)
Product Launches
Team Building
Incentive Travels
Special Events
Exhibition and Fairs
Point of Sale
Sales Promotion
Audio Visuals
Web Communication